Your Career Pathway

AAPM's Professional Development Program

The AAPM Professional Development Program supports and promotes your personal and professional growth through a system of:

  • Core Principles
  • Qualifications
  • Fellowship Program through certification
  • Continuing Professional Development - to maintain Certified Practice Manager and Fellow membership status


Continuing Professional Development (CPD) enables you to demonstrate personal and professional development and to remain current with changes in healthcare Practice Management.

It is your commitment to lifelong learning through education and training

  • CPD Points are necessary to reach and maintain your AAPM Fellowship
  • CPD points are calculated based on the number of management hours featured in an event or activity: e.g. educational workshop, Committee involvement, teaching, etc
  • Members are responsible for maintaining their own Record of CPD points
  • AAPM allocate CPD points to all AAPM education events
  • AAPM may also allocate CPD points to external organisations for nominated educational programs which are relevant to Practice Management
  • For educational programs external to AAPM, the host organisation will need to apply for CPD Points Allocation, prior to the event
  • Members, Associate, Affiliate, Life and Retired members are NOT required to accrue a set number of CPD points
  • Certified Practice Managers are required to accrue 200 CPD points over a three year period
  • Fellows are required to accrue 300 CPD points over each three year period


Please be advised that it is the responsibility of members to keep a record of their Continuing Professional Development points.

You can record and track your CPD via your self-service portal. Keeping a record of these points is important for ALL members. However points will be “confirmed” only for those applying for Certified Practice Manager (CPM) or Fellowship, or for existing CPMs and Fellows subject to a random audit each triennium. 



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