AAPM Practice Manager of the Year Awards


The AAPM Practice Manager of the Year awards program is the most prestigious event on the AAPM calendar. This award recognises and rewards a Practice Manager for their contributions to the profession of Practice Management.

The program is conducted throughout Australia with a state Practice Manager of the Year awarded, before culminating in the National Practice Manager of the Year award, which is announced at the National AAPM Conference.

Each state selects its own State Practice Manager of the Year, who receives flights, accommodation and registration for the 2019 National Conference in Brisbane. The recipient of each State Practice Manager of the Year Award is then a finalist for the National Practice Manager of the Year Award.

Applications close on Friday 1st of March 2019


All current AAPM members managing a healthcare practice, who meet the eligibility criteria and demonstrates exceptional skills in their role is welcome to apply.

The following outline the key selection criteria for all applicants:

  • Outstanding leadership and team building skills
  • Commitment to ongoing education in practice management and in raising the profile of practice management
  • Business Planning
  • Financial Management
  • Implementation of systems to support quality care in a clinical setting
  • Knowledge of relevant legislation
  • Occupational Health & Safety
  • Excellence in verbal and written communication skills


In order to apply for the Practice Manager of the Year award, the following eligibility is required.

  • Currently employed as Practice Manager of a healthcare practice
  • Currently holds or is studying a qualification in Practice Management or Business Management
  • Must be a full financial individual member of AAPM
  • Must uphold the ethos and Code of Conduct of Australian Association of Practice Management Ltd
  • AAPM Members of State Committees are eligible to apply with the aforementioned eligibility
  • Directors of AAPM, members of selection panels, associate members and corporate members of AAPM are NOT eligible to apply
  • AAPM members who have been part of a Practice Manager of the Year selection panel in the past two years is NOT eligible to apply

Who can nominate a Practice Manager?

Nominations may be received by:

  • An individual
  • A Practice Manager's employer
  • A Practice Manager's colleague


For those wishing to nominate a Practice Manager please complete the Nomination form.

For Practice Managers who wish to self nominate please complete the Application form


All nominees, whether nominated by another or self-nominated is required to complete an Application form.

A SINGLE nomination is sufficient for us to invite a nominee to complete the application form. Multiple nominations are not required nor are they considered as a factor in the selection process.


If you are nominating yourself, or you have accepted a nomination submitted by someone else, you must complete the Application Form


If you wish to nominate a colleague or another Practice Manager, please complete the Nomination form