AAPM Fellowship

AAPM's Fellowship program is a prestigious honour in recognition of significant commitment and contribution to the profession of Practice Management. Achievement of AAPM Fellow status:

  • promotes excellence and professionalism in practice administration
  • recognises individuals who have met required levels of knowledge, skill and abilities.
  • assists employers in identifying individuals who meet nationally recognised standards.
  • provides formal recognition of those individuals who meet these standards.
  • recognises those who must maintain industry standards.
  • establishes AAPM as a credentialing body under the umbrella of UNE.

Eligibility criteria to apply

  • You have been a full, financial member of AAPM for a minimum of 3 years.
  • You hold Certified Practice Manager status.
  • Complete an additional qualification of Certificate IV or higher in a related field of study, (health or business management, accounting, IT, law, etc).If this qualification was completed more than 3 years ago, it will be considered for currency and relevance to Practice Management, in conjunction with your CV and current position.
    Or undertake one of the following:
    1. Three approved case studies on Practice Management. Read the case study guidelines.
    2. An approved professional paper on Practice Management.
    3. 240 hours of formal study related to healthcare management, such as study modules.
  • Demonstrated accrual of a minimum of 300 Continuing Professional Development (CPD) points within the previous triennium (three year period).
  • Complete the AAPM Fellowship interview.
  • Agree to maintain 300 CPD points per triennium period to ensure eligibility for the AAPM Fellow credential.

Apply to be an AAPM Fellow

If you meet the eligibility criteria, complete the AAPM Fellowship application form

Please ensure that the completed form is returned to the AAPM National Office, along with: 

  • your CV and formal letter of application
  • supporting documentation, such as academic transcripts, evidence of formal study, case studies or professional paper
  • your CPD record
  • payment information.

For further information about becoming a Fellow of AAPM, contact us.



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