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21 September

1 July 2018 MBS Changes

We’ve updated our Indigenous and MBS eLearning and education guides with the 1 July MBS changes. These education resources help you work out claiming and billing MBS item numbers. We also have education resources about: the Australian Immunisation Register the Child Dental Benefits Schedule the Department of Veterans’ Affairs incentives ... Read more >>>

19 September

Improved Medicare Compliance: Changes to Legislation

Three Fact Sheets that explain the changes to legislation are available for the following professional groups: Health Professionals such as GPs and Allied Health Professionals Approved Suppliers; and Dental Practitioners For further information about the changes please visit Read more >>>

14 September

GP incentives increased to enrol DVA clients

The CVC program, which was established in 2011, supports GPs to manage chronic conditions for eligible DVA clients who are most at risk of unplanned hospitalisation. It is available to DVA Gold Card holders, including veterans, war widow/widowers and dependents, who are living in the community and have one ... Read more >>>

12 September

AIHW Cancer Compendium

This report presents key data, information and trends over time for 24 key cancers and all cancers combined. The top three most common types of cancer, in order, are prostate cancer, breast cancer and colorectal cancer. For all cancers combined, the number of new cases of cancer diagnosed increased from ... Read more >>>

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