AAPM is proud to continue to offer three AAPM Scholarships. The scholarship program aims to foster and promote continuing training and professional development for AAPM members. There are three funded scholarship course fees available and they are delivered by the University of New England Partnerships.

At AAPM, investing in our members and the professional of Practice Management is incredibly important to us. In today’s complex environment, the way a practice is managed plays a critical role in patient outcomes and AAPM recognises that one of the best ways to do that is to support Practice Managers. 


2023 AAPM Scholarships

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Details of the AAPM Scholarship Program:

Each scholarship recipient will receive an enrolment for one of the following UNE Partnerships courses:

  • Certificate IV in Leadership and Management for Health Practice Managers BSB42015
  • Diploma of Leadership in Healthcare Practice 10820NAT

These courses have been developed in conjunction with industry professionals, and are aimed at Practice Principals, Managers and Administrators. All scholarships offer students an accelerated career path within the Practice Management environment, fast tracking career progress.

All courses are delivered and completed via distance education only and within three years of the granting of the scholarship.

Eligibility Criteria

To be considered as a scholarship candidate, applicants must meet the following minimum criteria:
o Be a current full financial Member of AAPM or the main contact of a full financial Practice Membership for a minimum of two consecutive years.
o Employed in a healthcare practice as a Practice Manager (or equivalent position), or currently working towards this position.
o Completed a minimum of Year 12 or have a minimum of 3 years’ experience working in a healthcare practice.
o Meet any other entry criteria for the Diploma/Certificate required by UNE Partnerships for admission into the relevant course.


The following conditions apply to all successful applicants. 
o The course of study is to be completed within three years of receiving the scholarship.
o Maintain a role as a Practice Manager (or equivalent) for the duration of the scholarship period. Any recipient who fails to complete their approved course of study during the allocated timeframe, or who does not maintain a role as Practice Manager, will forfeit the scholarship benefits and be required to pay AAPM in full, all monies paid on their behalf.
o Maintain their AAPM membership as a full financial Member for the duration of the scholarship period or the benefits of the scholarship with be forfeited. Any recipient who does not maintain their membership of AAPM will be required to pay AAPM, all monies paid on their behalf.
o Consent to provide ongoing information for publication on the AAPM website and other promotional or marketing materials as appropriate.
o Meet any additional costs associated with the nominated course enrolment and complete the nominated course.
o Any previous AAPM Scholarship Program recipients, Directors, Managers or Employees of AAPM, and their associated entities and committees, including any family members are ineligible to apply.

View the full 2023 AAPM Scholarship Terms and Conditions


The 2022 Avant/AAPM Scholarships Winners:

Karli March (Russell) Team Manager - Medical Practice
BCHS, Victoria

Karli has been a Team Manager of the medical practice for 3 years and in the medical industry for 5 years. She has been fortunate enough to gain ‘hands on’ experience with assisting the Practice Manager lead the medical practice and other programs associated with the medical practice. Karli believes she will greatly benefit from formal education to supplement the practice experience she has gained. Karli would like to be build her confidence in leading the team in the right direction and facilitate continuous improvement, and appropriately manage legal and ethical compliance. She has a a drive to step into a Practice Manager role and be able to manage the practice confidently.

Angela Hakim, Practice Manager
MQ Health General Practice, NSW

Angela believes that the best possible Practice Manager needs to continuously learn all there is to know about the role. There's much to be gained for actively working in the role, but without the knowledge about all aspects of the subject, she feels there's a lot missing from what she can bring to elevating her position within the practice.

Three years ago, Angela started part-time work as an Administrative Assistant at her practice while studying Project Management. Since that time, she has worked hard and was promoted to the position of Practice Manager. Angela believes that through further education she will become a subject matter expert; this knowledge will equip her to manage the incidents that arise in General Practice and her knowledge and expertise would propagate throughout the practice and influence the level of professionalism of the team.

Tiana Maxwell, Practice Manager
Trinity Care Family Practice, SA

Tiana is a new Practice Manager, in a newly established Practice with little qualifications, short amount of time "on the job" experience and a knowledge of the basics. Tiana wishes to gain further in depth knowledge, to reach the practice's full potential and provide the best service to the patients. Through the scholarship program Tiana believes this will identify strengths and weaknesses and gaps in her current knowledge. She has a passion for learning and strives to run the Practice to the highest standard, promote growth, get the best of out of her team and gain a deeper understanding of leadership and management. It is important for me to represent General Practice, Practice Managers and AAPM in the best way possible, which she believes this study will allow. 
I aim to make a real difference through our Practice, our patients and the healthcare industry as a whole.
From a financial perspective, the Scholarship would be beneficial as we are a new business and the initial opening costs are quite significant. 

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