Life Membership Award

Life membership is awarded to AAPM members who have significantly contributed to AAPM at both a state and national level and who have raised the profile of the association within the broader healthcare community.

Nomination process

To nominate an AAPM Life Member, return the Life Membership Nomination Form to, along with supporting documentation addressing the eligibility criteria.

Eligibility criteria

  • The nominee is a financial member of AAPM and has a proven commitment to AAPM at both a state and national level.
  • The nominee is a Fellow of AAPM.
  • The nominee has been actively involved in AAPM at a state and/or national level for a minimum of five years.
  • The nominee’s involvement has been demonstrated through various means such as representation of AAPM with key stakeholders, involvement in committees, involvement in various projects for or on behalf of AAPM and actively involved in the advancement of AAPM’s core principles.
  • The nominee has demonstrated the advancement of AAPM in the healthcare industry either through envisioning changes to keep abreast of the dynamic healthcare environment or through involvement in the implementation process in achieving strategic goals.

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