State Committee Elections

State Committee Role, Nomination and Election Documents

Nominations are now open for appointment of members to AAPM State Committees. All members are welcome to nominate for a position on a State Committee. You do not need endorsement from a current Committee member. Any member is able to apply for a position on their State Branch Committee.

State Committees are a key part of our Association, taking on important roles such as: 

  • assisting in implementing the AAPM Strategic Plan;
  • promoting AAPM membership to all areas of the healthcare sector;
  • supporting recruitment of new members and retention of current members;
  • promoting and contributing to AAPM national networking and education, including the annual conference; and
  • recommending local activities as required to meet local needs.

Members of AAPM’s State Committees have the opportunity to encourage and support their local members, especially by facilitating local area networking, encouraging cooperation, and participating on representative panels and committees where appointed by the AAPM.

AAPM is seeking nominations for positions on each State Committee including some casual vacancies. State Committee positions are a three-year term, whereas a casual vacancy may be one or two year terms. Each Term commences from 12 October 2023.

These State Committee Role, Nomination and Election By-Laws set out the role of State Committees, their composition, governance and the processes for appointment of members.

State Committee Member Nomination Form

State Committee Supporting Information Form 

State Committee Nomination Declaration of Interest Form

State Committee Duties and Obligations Policy

State Committee President Nomination Form


State Nominated Non Executive Director _ Nomination Form

State Nominated Non Executive Director _ Supporting Information Form 

State Nominated Non Executive Director _ Declaration of Interest Form




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