The AAPM Mentoring Program

Practice managers are a very sharing group of people, passionate about their roles, giving above and beyond, supportive, and caring of their peers, as well as willing to discuss all aspects of practice management. So with all these wonderful people, with all this very diverse knowledge and experience, what a great idea for AAPM to create and formalise a mentoring program! From my own experience as a mentor, you receive as much from this program as the mentee hopefully does. I hope many AAPM members consider joining this very rewarding program

Julie Steele (AAPM CPM) Maffra Medical


Program Guidelines


Please read the following overall guidelines before applying for the AAPM Mentoring Program as a Mentor or Mentee.


Program Format

  • The individual mentoring program will be six one hour sessions
  • Each session will run for 45 – 60 mins
  • The sessions will be held during the day – as schedules and other commitments permit
  • The date for the following session will be agreed upon at the completion of each mentoring session
  • The sessions will be by telephone/Skype/FaceTime and will be initiated by the Mentor. This program is not designed for a face to face format


  • Confidentiality of all points discussed during the session will be assured by both parties
  • If a topic is raised that either party is not comfortable discussing, then it is to be stated and will not be discussed
  • At any time either party may terminate the program for any reason

Terms and Conditions

  • Both Mentors and Mentees must be employed as a practice manager and must be working a minimum of 15 hours per week as a practice manager
  • There shall be no reimbursement for the provision of the Services provided by the Mentor
  • AAPM will not be responsible for, or have any liability for, any advice or directions provided by the Mentor
  • It is the responsibility of the Mentee to carry out their own due diligence as a result of any actions or decision made as a result of the discussions with the Mentor
  • AAPM will not be held responsible for the outcome of these decisions


MENTOR Expression of Interest


For Mentees


An AAPM Mentee must:

  • Be a current financial member of AAPM
  • Be employed as a healthcare Practice Manager
  • Be working a minimum of 15 hours per week as a Practice Manager
  • Have a minimum of two years experience in Practice Management
  • Be based in Australia for duration of program
  • Undertake one hour mandatory teleconference training prior to commencement
  • Commit to six (6) one hour sessions with Mentor via Skype or telephone over a designated six month period
  • Commit to any session preparatory work required
  • Abide by the Mentoring Program Guidelines and the AAPM Code of Ethics at all times

The Mentee will be responsible for all documentation and pre-work if required. This will include

  • Identifying the topic to be discussed for the session
  • Carrying out any pre-investigation work if required
  • Send the topic and outline for discussion at the next session to the Mentor at least 1 week before the scheduled session
  • Providing feedback to AAPM at the completion of the 6 session period