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The Australian Government is currently undertaking a broad suite of reforms in primary health care. As part of this reform process, the introduction of Stage One of a Health Care Homes model to improve care for patients with chronic and complex conditions was announced on 31 March 2016.

Under the model, eligible patients will voluntarily enrol with a participating primary health care provider known as their Health Care Home (HCH). This provider will supply a patient with a ‘home base’ for the ongoing coordination, management and support of their chronic conditions. General Practices and Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Services can serve as HCHs.

Payment for services provided under the HCH model is based on a yearly sum that is paid to the primary care provider in monthly instalments. This provides a flexibility in funding to encourage a care team approach to chronic condition management. It allows clinicians and patients to work with other providers including specialists, allied health and out-of-hospital services through use of a tailored care plan to manage the condition.

Health Care Homes Trial Extension till 30 June 2021

The Government announced yesterday that the Health Care Homes trial is being extended. We understand that all Health Care Home Practices have been notified of the extension. The trial will continue until 30 June 2021 with the patient enrolment period extended and numbers capped at 12,000 patients. In addition, indexation will be introduced to the bundled payments to ensure consistency with the Medicare Benefits Scheme. 

A short Question and Answer document which provides more information about the extension is available at:

The Department will contacting all HCH practices early in 2019 to formalise the extension of the trial with each practice, with patient enrolment continuing to 30 June 2019 or until such time as the national patient cap of 12,000 patients has been reached.

AAPM Guidance for Health Care Homes

AAPM has developed the following guidance for Health Care Homes on building an internal system to record and monitor Health Care Home activities and allocate funds.

Webinar: AAPM Health Care Homes Activity Monitoring Guide

Webinar: Health Care Homes Payment Management

Presentation slides (pdf format)


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