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DVA: Veteran Health Checks Program

The Veteran Health Check is a comprehensive health assessment for veterans with GPs. It aims to encourage early intervention and to help veterans work with their GPs to identify ways to optimise their physical and mental health and wellbeing during transition to civilian life. 

There is a health assessment tool recommended for this health check, which has been specifically designed for veterans.

There are 2 initiatives as a part of the Veteran Health Check program

1.   One-off Veteran Health Check – available to all former ADF members once in a lifetime, any time after transition. Accessed via Medicare card (MBS item numbers 701, 703, 705, 707). 

2.  Annual Veteran Health Check – available only to former ADF members who transition out of the ADF from 1 July 2019, annually for up to five years after transition. Only accessible via a DVA veteran card (DVA item numbers MT701, MT703, MT705,MT707)

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