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Critical Roadmap to equip Australian health workers for global digital transformation

The Australian Digital Health Agency (the Agency), in collaboration with the Digital Health CRC, hosted the National Digital Health Workforce and Education Summit.


This crucial Summit brought together leading academics, industry, policy makers, consumers and health and care workers nationally to discuss and collaborate on the draft National Digital Health Workforce and Education Roadmap (the Roadmap) to support the Australian health workforce in the global transformation to a digital health future.


The Roadmap builds upon Australia’s National Digital Health Strategy and the associated Framework for Action. The Roadmap describes the current state of the workforce in health, including volunteers and health consumers and their associated digital capability.


The Roadmap also anticipates how the application of digital health tools and technologies in health is currently impacting and is likely to impact the health workforce in the future. In addition to the requirements for digital health education and training in the short to medium term, it provides a framework for target setting and measuring success.


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