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Cardiovascular disease linked with other chronic medical conditions

Roughly half of patients admitted to Australian hospitals with a cardiovascular disease also have multiple chronic medical conditions that require complex treatment, a study suggests.

The University of West Australia's School of Population and Global Health and the Western Australian Centre for Rural Health examined nationwide health data of 18,194 patients aged between 25 and 59 years old from 2000 to 2014 with atherothrombotic disease. The findings were published hast week in PLOS One.

Patients with atherothrombotic disease had, on average, two additional major medical problems.

There were distinct patterns or combinations of commonly occurring long-term medical diseases in cardio disease patients. Among people younger than 40 with cardio diseases, mental health issues, including alcohol and drug abuse, and respiratory conditions, were more prevalent. Metabolic conditions, including diabetes, hypertension and chronic kidney diseases, were common in those 40 and older.

The findings reveal a need for new strategies in healthcare, the researchers believe.

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