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Changes to process for allied health referrals

Changes to process for allied health referrals

The way that a General Practitioner (GP) refers DVA clients to allied health providers is set to change from July 2019.

Currently, a GP may refer a client to allied health services for up to a year (except for dental and optical, for which no referral is required).  For chronic conditions, the GP can make an ongoing referral.

Under the new DVA arrangements, which will commence on 1 July 2019, GPs will be able to make a referral to allied health services for up to 12 sessions or one year, whichever comes sooner.  This new arrangement will also apply to those clients with a chronic condition.  Dental and optical services still will not need a GP referral.

The new arrangements are called the ‘treatment cycle’.  The treatment cycle is designed to improve quality of care for DVA cardholders, with more GP involvement in ongoing care.

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