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AAPM's 2019 Webinar Series offers 20-one hour online seminars which you can watch from the comfort of your home or office through you computer or tablet. The 2019 Webinar Series has been designed with sessions for the Practice Manager and the Practice Team. 

Each Webinar attracts 5 CPD points for AAPM members (registered participants only). These Webinars are available to both AAPM members and non-members. 

AAPM members: Log in to the website to purchase and register for any of the Webinars so your CPD points are automatically added to your membership details and receive the member discount.  AAPM Corporate members please call 1800 196 000 should you require additional registrations for other sites.

Important Note: We have identified an issue with some earlier versions of Internet Explorer where the "Book Now" buttons do not function as they should to take you to the registration page. If you are using Windows 7 or earlier and experience this issue, we advise using a different browser such as Chrome or Firefox, both of which do not have this problem.

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Missed a Webinar? Recordings Available!


Recorded Webinars are available for purchase. Visit our online shop for more details.

  • Building a great website
  • Building a High Performance Workforce
  • Burn Out - your risky self
  • Business Interruption/Disaster Planning
  • Business Planning
  • Compliance – I can’t keep up
  • Creating an effective organisational culture
  • Dealing with difficult personalities
  • Harnessing innovation in the practice
  • Have you a healthy practice?
  • How to Induct and Orient New Staff and Clinicians
  • How to set up a policy and procedure manual
  • Infection Control obligations at the front desk

  • Leadership and managing/implementing change
  • Managing gremlins and grubs in office based infection control
  • Managing High Priority Appointments - triage/recalls
  • Managing poor performers
  • Maximising blended payments in your general practice
  • Mental Health on Both Sides of the Desk
  • Performance Conversations
  • Practice Fraud with Avant
  • Preparing for and Managing Disasters - Tips and Tricks
  • Protecting You & Your Patients at the Front Desk

  • Preparing your Financials for your Accountant
  • Privacy Breach Legislation
  • Raising the Bar at the Frontline
  • Recalls/Reminders
  • Risk Management Plans - more than clinical near misses
  • Risks that make you go ooh!
  • Setting & Measuring Financial KPIs
  • Tender Writing
  • The APP simplified and how it works in your practice
  • Tips and Tricks - business development wins and how they did it
  • Tricky formulas to make your life easier - Excel