South Australia & Northern Territory State Committee

The SA/NT State Committee has a strong commitment to education and support for our members. We have a team of very approachable volunteers on the committee, so please do not hesitate to contact any one of us if you have an opinion to share, a comment or idea for an educational topic.

It is exciting to see the SA/NT committee has representatives from all areas of healthcare - GP, Specialist, Allied Health and Dental – which should enable us to answer queries from the varying range of practices across our state/territory.

The committee is working strongly with AAPM National Office and the National Board in the development of a National Education Strategy. We hope this will provide some innovative Team Educational Days as well as some advanced topics for the Practice Manager who is looking to push their practice that little bit further.

If you have not already made yourself familiar with the AAPM website, now that you are here, take the time to look a little deeper! For example, check out the AAPM Online Community where you can ask questions, or follow existing threads, that are posted so responses can come from any Practice Managers around Australia.

Brett Miller
SA/NT State Committee Member

SA/NT Committee Members

  Name Position
Carolyn Sickerdick State President
Brett Miller Board Director
Sophie Piron State Committee Member
Helen Schollenberger State Committee Member
Syed Fahim State Committee Member
Prashiba Thavarajadeva State Committee Member
Danny Haydon State Committee Member

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