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About Our State Branches

State Branches

New South Wales / ACT Branch

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Our NSW/ACT state committee comprises of a passionate and dedicated group of people who strive to provide education and networking opportunities to our members of all experience levels and disciplines.  

The committee has a vast range of experience representing many regions, disciplines, practice style and size. The state committee comprises of: Fiona Kolokas (President); Anne Parrott (Vice President); Cathy Baynie (Board Director and National President); Angela Mason Lynch; Elizabeth Jones; Anne Davis; Gail Lloyd and Catherine Ryan.   The geographic locations of our committee members are Sydney, ACT, South Coast, Hunter & Central West. Disciplines represented by our committee members are: specialist; surgical; allied health; general practice; and radiology.

To stay current our team meets regularly via teleconference, as well as face to face strategic planning meetings for the state education program.

In NSW/ACT we have a strong focus on networking, and there are networks available in Canberra region, Sydney, Hunter, Central West, Far North Coast, Central Coast & South Coast.   We are interested in increasing networking opportunities in the state and welcome members who are currently running an informal network or interested in setting up a network to please contact AAPM head office or one of our friendly committee members for assistance.

We are keen to meet as many of our NSW/ACT members as possible and to listen to any thoughts you may have about how we can help you. We welcome you to come and chat with us at any of our events throughout the year or email us via AAPM head office. The state committee team would love to hear feedback, suggestions or any ideas members have so that we can help you get the most out of your membership.

Please be sure to read all the informative AAPM emails for updates on any upcoming events and important industry information. Register for our excellent webinar package and make sure you attend all of our fantastic events planned for this year. I hope to meet you all at an AAPM event soon and look forward to hearing about your practice management journey and how we can help you.

Fiona Kolokas
NSW/ACT President

Queensland Branch

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The Qld State Committee has a strong commitment to engage and support our members right across our beautiful state. The Qld Committee comprises of Kerry Emery, President; June Hannan, Vice President; Jackie Beer, Board Director; Shabnam Ali, Patrice Cafferky, Jan Chaffey, Felicity Hogan, Carolyn Ingram and Craig Simpson. All are passionate volunteers from a diverse range of disciplines, practice type, size and location and give freely of their time and energies to provide Queensland AAPM members with a first-class experience. The geographic locations of our committee members are Brisbane (North, South, East and West), Sunshine Coast, Gympie, Bundaberg and North Queensland.

The Qld Committee have a strong emphasis on following the National Strategic Plan set by the AAPM National Board and to work with our National Education Officer and Head Office to provide quality, face to face, opportunities for education and networking. Our goals are to provide educational experiences in the following core principles:

  • financial
  • human resources
  • planning and marketing
  • risk management
  • governance
  • accreditation
  • business and clinical operations
  • professional responsibility

Please go to the events page on this website for further details on our upcoming events. If we don’t have any events in your area then please consider becoming a “Friend of the Committee” by contacting us. We are very keen to support you to arrange local networking events in your area. In addition to this we would love to hear suggestions, feedback or ideas that members have so please don’t hesitate to contact us.

We encourage you to visit the AAPM website for resources, news and events, read the AAPM emails that are sent to you regularly as they contain industry updates and articles, consider a Webinar package, participate in the AAPM Forum on the website where you can post questions, follow threads, provide innovative ideas, submit and download useful templates, and respond to enquiries.

I hope to meet you at an AAPM event soon and look forward to working with Qld Committee over the next year.

Kerry Emery
Qld President

South Australia / Northern Territory Branch

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The SA/NT State Committee has a strong commitment to education and support for our members.  We have a team of very approachable volunteers on the committee, so please do not hesitate to contact any one of us if you have an opinion to share, a comment or idea for an educational topic.  It is exciting to see the SA/NT committee has representatives from all areas of healthcare -   GP, Specialist, Allied Health and Dental – which should enable us to answer queries from the varying range of practices across our state/territory.  

The committee is working strongly with Head Office and the National Board in the development of a National Education Strategy. We hope this will provide some innovative Team Educational Days as well as some advanced topics for the Practice Manager who is looking to push their practice that little bit further.   If you have not already made yourself familiar with the AAPM website, now that you are here, take the time to look a little deeper!   For example, check out the AAPM Forum where you can ask questions, or follow existing threads, that are posted so responses can come from any Practice Managers around Australia. 

I look forward to meeting you at an educational day soon and please make sure if I have not met you that you make yourself known to me. You can also get in touch with me via email.  I like to catch up with you, our members, to make sure you are getting the very best out of the Association and your AAPM membership.

Brett Miller
SA/NT President

Tasmania Branch

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Thank you for stopping by the Tasmanian Branch of AAPM. I am the newly election State President and, along with the committee, am here to support you in your role of Practice Manager. Although Tassie is a small state in relation to overall membership, our goal during the next 12 months is to reach out to Practice Managers across all areas of healthcare. Specialist, General Practice, Allied Health and Dental Practice Managers are all welcome to join AAPM and we look to provide training sessions that cater for every health discipline. My goal as President is to represent you and to support you in your role. 

I believe that Practice Managers need to “have a seat at the table” as the healthcare system continues to change. Over the last few years of continually developing my skill base, I have found that networking has been a highly valuable resource. Therefore, as a committee we will endeavor to provide as many networking opportunities as possible. Keep an eye out for dates of our planned events and I look forward to catching up with you there. 

Leanne Cullen
TAS President

Victoria Branch

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Thank you to everyone who attended the National Conference in Victoria in 2016.  It has been a rewarding experience hearing feedback from those who attended.  It goes to demonstrate the Victorian state committee member’s strong commitment on supporting our members in the management of their businesses.

Also, 2016 saw Deb Stidwell become the National Practice Manager of the year.  Very proud to have another Victorian hold this title.

The AAPM vision is ‘’to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of healthcare practice management for better patient outcomes’’.  This vision will be in the forefront of our minds as we gather information on educational topics.  

2017 will see all States run a National Educational Program meaning there will be consistency across all states education program.  We are committed to providing an education program that is meaningful to our members, we therefore strongly encourage all members to provide us with information on what topics would be most helpful to you in your role and that of your team

The Victorian Committee strongly believe in the benefits of networking and as such we will be organising networking sessions every 2 months.  We are a small committee comprising of 7 members who volunteer our time.  This means that we are unable to have network sessions in all our regional areas.  If you would like to set a network group up in your regional area, please contact us and let us know.

We look forward to seeing and hearing from you about your experiences and challenges you face and learning from you about how we get support you through your challenges.

Margaret McPherson
VIC President

Western Australia Branch

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Our WA committee is made up of members working in specialist and GP practices, rural and city practices, small and large practices. This mix enables us to give perspectives during our meetings from all vantage points of Practice Management. The committee members are Simone Dorevitch (President), Claire Stocks (Vice President), Fiona Wong (board member), Narelle Supanz, Karin Tatnell, Dani Landau, Sue Stark and Raelene Tulley.

Last year WA hosted the fabulous annual AAPM conference titled ‘The Magic of Management’. Those of you who attended experienced the benefits of taking time out from working on your business to work on your business with input from all streams of AAPM core principals – wonderful speakers and the opportunity to chat with colleagues on all matters management. Having it in Perth certainly made it easier for  a large cohort of WA members to attend.

The focus for 2018, aside from our 3 education seminars, will be on the multiple webinars available through AAPM Head office and directed at both Practice Managers and the Practice Management team. Please look on the AAPM website for details.

We are also increasing the number of networking meetings we will have this year. We will have a monthly city meeting held at various venues around Perth. We are also commencing our rural chapter, with view to start networking events in both Mandurah and Bridgetown.

Please feel free to email us with ideas and questions via the AAPM Head Office and chat with us at our education and networking events. We are here to provide assistance where we can and to direct you to the correct source if we are unable to help you ourselves.

We look forward to meeting with you at an education or networking event soon.


Simone Dorevitch
WA President