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State Health Departments

State Health Departments

Here are some of the common general State Government sites relevant for Practice Managers.

South Australia Health

SA Health is committed to protecting and improving the health of all South Australians by providing leadership in health reform, public health services, health and medical research, policy development and planning, with an increased focus on well being, illness prevention, early intervention and quality care. SA Health is the brand name for the health portfolio of services and agencies responsible to the Minister for Health and the Minister for Mental Health and Substance Abuse. The portfolio consists of the Department of Health, Central Adelaide Local Health Network, Northern Adelaide Local Health Network, Southern Adelaide Local Health Network, Women’s and Children’s Health Network, Country Health SA Local Health Network, and SA Ambulance Service. SA Health provides many important services to the South Australian community including:

  • public hospitals;
  • metropolitan and country health service delivery;
  • environmental health;
  • communicable disease control;
  • epidemiology;
  • health promotion;
  • pathology services;
  • drug and alcohol services;
  • emergency and ambulance;
  • organ donation.

SA Health liaises closely with other agencies in government, particularly:

  • Department of Education and Children’s Services;
  • Department for Families and Communities;
  • Department of Planning and Local Government;
  • Department of the Premier and Cabinet;
  • Department of Treasury and Finance.

SA Health also engages with some non government and community service providers on a formal, direct basis and more broadly, on policy and planning matters.

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Western Australia Health

WA Health is Western Australia’s public health system.

Our vision: Healthier, longer and better quality lives for all Western Australians.

Our mission: To improve, promote and protect the health of Western Australians by:

  • Caring for individuals and the community;
  • Caring for those who need it most;
  • Making the best use of funds and resources;
  • Supporting our team.

Our services include:

  • public hospitals and community health services;
  • health protection through public health services and disaster; preparedness management;
  • mental health services including in-patient services, crisis; management and community treatment and support services;
  • drug and alcohol information, prevention and treatment services;
  • dental health services including school dental health and public; community dental services;
  • Aboriginal health services.
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Victoria Health Department

This site provides a wealth of information and a directory to the various links within the Victorian Government Departments.

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Public Health Unit (Queensland)

Public Health Units focus on:

  • protecting health;
  • preventing disease, illness and injury;
  • promoting health and well-being;

at a population/whole of community level. This is distinct from the role of the rest of the health system whose primary focus is on health care services to individuals and families.

Key functions:

  • Coordinate disease control initiatives, including response to and notification of disease outbreaks;
  • Undertake a range of environmental health initiatives including monitoring compliance with and enforcing public health legislation in relation to food safety and standards, regulated drugs and poisons and tobacco control;
  • Develop, coordinate and support public health interventions for priority health issues of state-wide and local significance. Current priority issues are nutrition, physical activity, tobacco control, skin cancer prevention, injury prevention and mental health promotion.
  • Undertake epidemiology and health surveillance activities including the collation, analysis, monitoring and dissemination of information on health status and disease trends;
  • Provide specialist public health advice to, and develop the capacity of health services, other sectors and the community to collaboratively plan and implement effective public health programs.
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NSW Health

The NSW Health website provides information for the community and for health and medical professionals. It includes directories, fact sheets and guidelines, and directories.

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