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The Department of Human Services is responsible for the development of service delivery policy and provides access to social, health and other payments and services.

It was created on 26 October 2004 as part of the Finance and Administration portfolio.

The Human Services Legislation Amendment Act 2011 integrated the services of Medicare Australia, Centrelink and CRS Australia on 1 July 2011 into the Department of Human Services.

Medicare program which looks after the health of Australians through the efficient delivery of programs such as the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme, the Australian Childhood Immunisation Register and the Australian Organ Donor Register.

The list belows provides some of the latest relevant information and links related to Medicare.

AAPM Conference 2016 - Questions and Answers

Simon Cotterell PSM, First Assistant Secretary from the Health Provider Compliance Division of the Department of Health, delivered a session at our 2016 National Conference on Health Provider Compliance.

He subsequently wrote to AAPM to provide responses to questions he received at the conference and has also sent a copy of his slideshow presentation, which members may access and download.

The questions he was asked were the following:

  1. Why is there no acknowledgment of receipt of tip-offs, especially for the electronic form? People cannot be sure the Department has received them.
  2. Why don't we provide the data on item usage publicly so providers can compare themselves to others?
  3. Can the Department streamline its approach to allowing doctors to voluntarily correct their claims? This is having an impact on some patients, eg if a doctor has mistakenly registered a mental health consultation or other item rather than a mental health plan, this can take a long time to fix through the current process and in the mean time the patient cannot access subsidised psychological services.
  4. On record keeping, when doctors bulk bill a patient, does the patient need to sign a form acknowledging they were bulk billed?

Download Simon Cotterell's Letter & Responses

Download the slideshow presentation

Increased Medicare Compliance Audits (IMCA)

Information/resources on changes to compliance through the amendments to the Health Insurance Act 1973 can be found at at the link button below.

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Administrative Record Keeping Guidelines

Medicare has developed administrative record keeping guidelines to make it easier for health professionals to assess and maintain good administrative record keeping standards within their practice. The Administrative Record Keeping Guidelines can be found at:

View site
Provider percentile charts

The Provider Percentile Charts are a useful tool that enables a health professional to assess their own billing pattern against those of their peers

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Medicare Forms

A list of all Medicare Forms is included in Department of Human Services list of forms for Health Professionals is available on this website. Forms are listed alphabetically and by code.

Medicare Forms