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Coordinated Veterans' Care (CVC) Program

Coordinated Veterans' Care (CVC) Program

The Coordinated Veterans' Care (CVC) Program aims to improve the wellbeing and quality of care for chronically ill Gold Card holders. The program is an initiative of the Department of Veterans' Affairs (DVA).

The CVC program targets veterans, widowers, war widows and dependents who are Gold Card holders with complex care needs, one or more chronic conditions and those at risk of being admitted or readmitted to hospital.

Identification of potential participants may be through DVA, by the General Practitioner or other health provider or self-identification by the Gold Card holder. Enrolment of the participant is at the discretion of the General Practitioner, following a needs assessment against the eligibility criteria.

The Model of Care for the CVC Program is based on the core team which includes the veteran, the veteran's carer (if applicable), the General Practitioner and the Nurse Coordinator (either a registered or enrolled Practice Nurse, an Aboriginal Health Practitioner or a Community Nurse from a DVA contracted Community Nursing Provider).

Payments for General Practitioners participating in the CVC program are in addition to other Medicare payments and include:

  • Initial incentive payment for enrolling a participant in the program and
  • Quarterly care payments for ongoing care.

There are a range of resources available to practices at:

FREE online training is available to all of practice and the care team including: Practice Managers, GPs, Primary Care Nurses, Community Nurses and Aboriginal Health Practitioners  who are interested in implementing the CVC program or if you are interested in coordinated care for clients with Chronic Disease.

CVC snapshot
  • Targeted program aimed at eligible gold card Veterans as identified by DVA
  • No mandated care plan
  • Training is not compulsory but highly recommended
  • Webinars available
  • Home visits are not compulsory but are highly recommended
  • Patients on Home Care Packages level 1 and 2 are not excluded from the program
  • Paperwork is minimal and is related to care planning with an emphasis on self-management
  • Care planning workshops available throughout Australia in 2013 -2014.

For more information contact or CVC provider helpline on 1300 550 597 or email

CVC payments

The following increases to CVC payments took effect as of November 2012.

  Initial Incentive Quarterly Care Payment Total Year 1 Total Year 2 onwards
Item #
Item #
GP with practice nurse $415.80
$2151.60 $1735.80
GP without practice nurse $259.85
$1039.45 $779.60

Chronic Disease Management Training Related to CVC

Accredited education, training and resources are available, free of charge to General Practitioners, Practice Nurses, Community Nurses and Aboriginal Health Practitioners implementing the CVC Program as well as those involved in chronic disease management.

There are four accredited modules in the CVC training program:

Module 1 (6 Hours): Is your Service Ready? The Chronic Care Model and embedding Self-Management Support at a service systems level. Available at
Module 2 (10 hours): The Flinders Program for Veterans Chronic Condition Management and Self-Management Support - Care Planning. Available at
Module 3 (6 hours): Integrating the Flinders Program for Veterans with Disease Specific Care Focusing on congestive heart failure, coronary heart disease, pneumonia, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and diabetes as they relate to the veteran community. Available at
Module 4 (6 hours): Social Isolation and Veteran Carers' Needs

Focusing on impacts of social isolation and psychosocial and mental health needs.

Developed with full engagement and participation of veterans and carers. Available at

Care Planning and Coordination with the Flinders Program™ Workshop

Workshop in your area

WHEN: 2013 - 2014
WHERE: check online  Register online at