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About AAPM

About AAPM

Our Vision

Practice Management to be universally recognised and valued at the centre of effective healthcare systems and sustainable businesses for optimal patient outcomes. 

National Board and State Branches

The AAPM has a National Board of Directors and State Branches across Australia. The National Board of Directors consists of representatives from State Branches. Its function is to provide strategic direction to AAPM in the areas of membership, education, and marketing.


Founded and formally registered in 1979, AAPM is a not-for-profit, national peak association recognised as the professional body dedicated to supporting effective Practice Management in the healthcare profession.

AAPM members are employed in all areas of healthcare including general practice, allied health, dental, medical specialties, physiotherapy and podiatry. AAPM represents practice managers, business managers, service managers, CEOs and principals – the key-decision makers in a practice.

The role of Practice Management in a healthcare setting involves strategic planning, reviewing and the implementation of processes in practices which increase efficiency and contribute to the overall notion of ‘excellence in healthcare’.  AAPM provides a career pathway recognizing the experience and qualifications of members through Certified Practice Manager and Fellow status.

This is achieved using the core principles of healthcare management:

  • financial
  • human resources
  • planning and marketing
  • risk management
  • governance
  • accreditation
  • business and clinical operations
  • professional responsibility
Practice Managers are increasingly the decision makers in healthcare practices. 
They are the key drivers in implementing new systems and processes.
 All purchase decisions  70%
 It decisions 80% 
 Hiring staff  90% 

Source: 2013 research conducted by InSync Surveys


AAPM advocates on behalf of Healthcare Practice Management to ensure government policies reflect and promote efficiency in healthcare Practice Management and optimum patient care.

AAPM is represented on the following committees:

  • Practice Incentive Payments (PIP) Advisory Committee
  • Practice Nurse Incentive Payments (PNIP) Advisory Committee
  • Medicare Compliance
  • Indigenous Health
  • GP Roundtable
  • DHS - Large Practice Project
  • Nurses in General Practice (NiGP) Project
  • RACGP Advocacy & Support (GPAS)
  • National Standards Committee  – SGP Standards Committee 
  • Australian Telehealth Advisory Committee
  • Stakeholders Consultative Committee